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The First Steps for Pistol Shooting is the perfect introduction course into how to properly and safely handle a pistol.  If you are new to pistols, have recently purchased a new pistol, or would like to introduce your children to pistols this is the course you have been looking for.


FIRST STEPS to Pistol shooting Course Dates: 

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Course Goal:

     To teach you the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude needed to handle a pistol.  Together we will build your confidence so you can safely own, operate and maintain your own pistol. 


     None (Course is open to all)

Course Length:

     A minimum of 3 hours (including at least one hour on the range)


     $60 per person

          (During registration we require at least the $25 nonrefundable                  deposit is paid)


     We gladly accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and check.  

     (For your security we utilize PayPal's secure website to process our           payments.  When paying with a credit card please select the                     "Pay with PayPal" option.  This does not require you to have a PayPal       account.)​

Pistol Requirement:

       None - 22lr pistols and ammunition will be provided for this course

​       Already own a pistol ... We will walk you through how to handle              your pistol, so we encourage you to bring it.

            If you are bringing your own pistol please also bring a minimum             of 100 rounds of ammunition.  Unsure of the ammunition                       needed we will help you elect the correct ammunition during                   class at the Paul's Marine Gun Shop..

Required Material:


Optional Material:

     Course Material is available for purchase for $20.

     Can be purchased at the time of registration or during class.